Civil Service Coaching

Indian Administrative Service holds a unique appeal to the young graduates, when it comes to choosing a career. With its varied channels of service to the Nation, it offers immense scope to the young Indian to shoulder a responsibility in the task of Nation-building.

A large number of graduates choose and try to enter into Indian Administrative Service, annually; but a good number of them are unable to sustain their initial zeal and opt out of the race, after an attempt or two. The reasons for mischance are not hard to seek. The absence of a mentor, lack of institutionalized coaching and dearth of help in providing right orientation are some sure reasons and it is at this point, ACE IAS ACADEMY steps in to help the aspiring graduates. With its thrust on viably long term of systematic preparation, instruction and training meticulously planned and helpful support from carefully chosen academic community – ‘ACE IAS ACADEMY’ is here to stand by you.

The proven track record of ACE IAS ACADEMY’, in helping young boys and girls get entry into Civil Service and other Central and State Services, proves the point that when it comes to grooming the youth for success, ACE IAS ACADEMY’ is Matchless.

To provide the aspirants an all embracing knowledge to make them enter the Indian Administrative Service and related services. For this various measures are taken to enable them to achieve their target by conducting different programmes like – inspirational lectures, knowledge based class room teaching, testing sessions, issue - based discussions, a hands-on experience of personality test conducted by UPSC.